FLEX On The News

I developed a 12-part Instagram campaign focused on countering misinformation called FLEX On The News.


I started by doing research. Journals, white papers, tip sheets, as well as online courses, virtual classes, and websites all played a valuable role the development. Topics were chosen, objectives were selected or adapted, and metrics were considered in consultation with a monitoring and evaluation team. 

Schedule and Modules - Identifying Misin

This campaign is focused entirely on Instagram, the leading social media platform for teenagers. Popular engagement strategies were outlined, such as the use of video, user-interactive story elements, and production tasks that can be accomplished within the application. Animated videos were written, designed, voiced, and edited to explain topics. Here's a short example of what video content looked like:

In addition, Stories features were added to check comprehension, such as interactive polls, rating scales, and questionnaires.

I also collaborated with Animated Text, the most popular .GIF artist on Instagram, to create a custom News Literacy .GIF pack for production tasks. You can see some of those .GIFs below:

Flexing My News Literacy Muscles.gif
Timeliness ☑Proximity ☑ Impact ☑.gif
False Information.gif

Consideration was then given to overall color, layout, and visual/thematic cohesion.


The overall reach and engagement was very positive. I collected the following data at the conclusion of the campaign:

FLEX News Recap.png

While the original campaign ran on the FLEX Program Instagram page, you can find an archived version here with all activities and Stories included.