FLEX On Your Newsfeed

To expand on some of the concepts introduced during FLEX On The News, I researched, wrote, animated, edited, and added voice-over, sound effects and music to a series of 8 video deep-dives into information and news literacy skills. 

Social Media Promo.png

I chose topics based on what I felt were the most valuable skills, as well as what participants responded most strongly to during our News Literacy Workshops

I decided to go with a completely animated format (rather than screen captures) which meant a lot more work, but also made these topics more approachable and visually engaging. I created all animations Keynote (MacOS PowerPoint), which is slightly unorthodox, but it works for me.

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The series was built for Instagram TV, in order to meet students where they're at, and the tools they're learning are specifically designed for fact-checking and verifying information that a person might see in their newsfeed. 

Check them out, remastered for widescreen, below: