Various projects I've worked on over the years.

LEAP (Leadership & English Advancement Program)

Leadership & English Advancement Program (LEAP) is a three-week educational and cultural program sponsored by the public affairs section of the US Embassy in Kabul.

I taught intensive, three-week media courses to a groups of 50 Afghan high-school students. . This included the fundamentals of photography (light, composition, staging), the ethics of a journalism and how to conduct an interview, audio recording and editing, and finally, bringing all of these skills together into a photo essay

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The course culminated in a take-home Public Service Announcement competition. Participants needed to find someone whom they admired in their community, arrange for an interview, prepare questions, record the interview, photograph their subject, and finally choose a single quote from the interview that established the emotional heart of the conversation. You can see a winning entry below:

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Creative Recreation Elective

An elective course built around quickly & creatively recreating scenes from famous paintings and films. Some highlights:

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Recreation Side By Side.png
Pearl Harbor.jpg