Digital Citizenship Ambassador Training

Digital Citizen Ambassador Training (DCAT) developed a digital citizenship curriculum based on existing frameworks and best practices to be delivered online through a mix of video and social media content. With the assistance of local language and content specialists, 18 Digital Citizen Ambassadors (DCAs) recorded five- minute videos and created teaching content for Media Literacy, which may improve Armenian youth's ability to recognize and combat disinformation and become knowledgeable Digital Citizens.

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Each Ambassador will be responsible for organizing a hybrid training program for at least 30 Armenian youth in their communities in May and June to help them become media literate and Safe, Savvy, and Social Digital Citizens. To do so, DCAs will collaborate with schools and community youth centers. 600 youth will be trained to successfully analyze the credibility of information they receive online and show the norms of responsible and constructive online involvement using the American Councils' field-tested media literacy curriculum.