Media Literacy Key Concepts - Print Outs

Students and teachers often ask me how to incorporate media into their classroom without the heavy lifting of navigating App stores or learning how to edit in Final Cut. I tell them the easiest way is to teach a primer lesson on media literacy and then incorporate the Center for Media Literacy's Key Concepts into their classroom any time media comes up. One easy way to do this is by printing out the key concepts and keeping them around the room, so that you can point to them when media appears.

I was always disappointed with the visuals available for the Key Concepts. They are often presented as a series of list and matrices that can overwhelm students, especially those who are new to decoding media. To make it simpler, I designed this series of image files that are color coordinated according to concept. Teachers can decide if they want to focus on Keywords, Concepts, or Questions, both for producers and consumers, or some combination of all four.

I've also included some key visual literacy questions to help students navigate the initial questions that can arise when they encounter a new media text. I try to ask these questions (What am I looking at? What is the mood/tone? What do I observe?) first to get students accustomed to the habits of inquiry that should accompany a media deconstruction.

Hopefully aspiring media instructors and practitioners will find these visuals useful, and can print them out and hang them around their classroom to help facilitate discussions on media that go beyond the surface.

Media Literacy Key Concepts Download Files