Best of McCartney: 1970 - 2020

One of the quarantine projects that I actually saw to completion was to listen to every solo Paul McCartney album and put together a "Greatest Hits" of sorts for our greatest living musical artist. McCartney has been...prolific, to say the least, as a solo artist. 26 solo albums, 7 classical albums, 5 electronic albums, plus some random curios. A lot of people shrug off his solo output, but almost every album has at least one track that can stand toe-to-toe with his best work.

Speaking of his best work: most people regard Ram as his solo peak, including me. As such, it isn't included in the "Greatest Hits". Just listen to Ram - front to back - it's a stone-cold masterpiece. Also, none of the big hits from Band on the Run are here either. If you want that pal, go listen to the Ethan Hawke's Boyhood mix.

What is here represents, in my opinion, his best work during a 50-year career. Macca has definitely had some stinkers along the way, but I think that McCartney II, Tug of War, Flowers in the Dirt, Flaming Pie, and Chaos and Creation in the Backyard are all great albums, often answering questions most musical fans had never even considered, such as, "What if Paul McCartney decided to team up with Elvis Costello for an album?" (Flowers in the Dirt) or "What if Nigel Godrich - producer of Radiohead and Beck's best albums - produced a Paul McCartney album?" (Chaos and Creation...).

McCartney is the LeBron of pop music. He might not have the unblemished title record of a Michael Jordan, but the duration of his career and his consistent peaks make him the GOAT.